If you live in Northern Louisiana, and you're looking for a hidden electronic dog fence, then you've come to the right place! Unseen Fencing of Louisiana is an authorized Pet Stop® dealer. Pet Stop® systems are made right here in America, and offer the most customizable settings, to suit any size or breed of dog.

Safe, Humane Electronic Pet Fence Systems

Humane, Low-Stress Dog Fence Training

Every pet is different, and that's why it is so important to choose a containment system that's right for your best friend. Our unseen fences are fully customizable, so whether you have a tiny, shy dog, or a huge, energetic dog, we can find the right settings for your pet. Our training method is different, too. Rather than begin with a big wallop of shock, which can really scare your pet, we introduce your pet to his or her new boundaries with a tiny bit of stimulation. Our technique is a lot less stressful than some other methods, so your pet learns where the edge of the yard is in a shorter amount of time. Your dog will appreciate the amount of treats that the training includes, which is a lot.

Safe, Happy Pets!

Your pets trust you to take care them and keep them safe. The world outside your yard can be a dangerous place, especially for a beloved pet. It only takes one distracted driver or rabid raccoon for tragedy to strike. We are fully committed to keeping your pet safe in your yard. We are confident that through every step we take, from determining the best layout for your yard to training your dog to stay within his new boundaries, you will be pleased with our service!

Invisible Fence® Independent Service

We also provide independent service on Invisible Fence® and other brands of hidden pet containment fences. We are not associated with the Invisible Fence® Company, but we do carry batteries and other products compatible with their systems.

Pet Stop Guarantee
'The Best Fence You'll Never See!'®

Pet Stop ® is a registered trademark of Perimeter Technologies, Inc.
Unseen Fencing is a licensed Pet Stop® distributor.
We are not affiliated with any of the following companies:

Invisible Fence ® and Invisible Fencing ® are registered trademarks of Invisible Fence Company
PetSafe ®  is a registered trademark of Radio Fence Systems
Innotek ®  is a registered trademark of Invisible Technologies

  • "After the unseen electronic fence was installed both Sunny and Buster have been Happy we have the Peace of Mind that our dogs are Safe and Sound on Our Property.".
  • "There is no unsightly fence that blocks my view and requires maintenance, and the cost of the underground fence is surprisingly cheaper.".

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