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Below are a few of our Customer Testimonials. See what our customers are saying about our services and the Pet Stop® product.


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Dear Gary,

Kenny and I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did with our Pet Stop® fence system. Our lab trained very easily to the flags and beep of her collar, and we love being able to have her contained without having to interrupt our natural wooded yard with a fence line.

We would recommend your services very highly to anyone interested in fencing their yard with the unseen fence. It is wonderful to have someone who takes an interest in both the job they do, and the pet they are providing for. You made everything very clear to us about the training process, and you were so good to keep checking on our progress.

Thanks again for such a professional job handled in a very personal way. You have a great product and a great opportunity to continue to grow in your business. Please feel free to refer future customers to us for a reference, and we’ll look forward to keeping in touch with you!

Dear Pet Owner,

When I was thinking about a way to keep our family dog from running the neighborhood,my first thought was to build a fence, like I’d had at our other homes. Two things kept me from that option; the cost and the way it would block the view I enjoy on my property.

That’s when I looked into an underground (unseen) fence. Boy am I happy I decided to go this way! There is no unsightly fence that blocks my view and requires maintenance, and the cost of the underground fence is surprisingly cheaper.

Our family dog is a small cairn terrier named ToTo. She is a natural chaser and hunter by breed. However, as I followed the simple instructions on how to train my dog to stay in the parameters of the “fence”, I could not be more pleased and how quickly she got the message. She has learned that there are certain areas of the yard where she cannot go. Since I have had the underground fence installed, ToTo has had no trouble staying on our property.

Perhaps the best thing about my experience with the underground fence was working with Gary McCann. Gary did a clean, professional job of installation in a timely manner. Gary is a man of strong ethical character who can be trusted to do an excellent job.

I am very satisfied with my underground (unseen) fence and the professional work of Gary McCann.

David Willets – Ruston LA

Dear Folks,

Before our unseen electronic fence was installed ,we had one Beagle named Buster who liked to dig under our chain link fence and follow his nose.

Our other large Mutt named Sunny for his sunny personality was a Fence Jumper. Our four foot chain link was no obstacle for Sunny the Mutt.

After the unseen electronic fence was installed both Sunny and Buster have been Happy we have the Peace of Mind that our dogs are Safe and Sound on Our Property.

Gary McCann was very Professional and we are Very Happy with his Service.

We highly recommend Gary McCann and his Pet Stop® Service.

Catherine Ramsey – Ruston LA


My name is Mitzi, I live in West Monroe and I have a Great Pyrenees named Snowman. He weighs about 150 lbs and he liked to roam all over the neighborhood. I had tried putting in one of those retail ‘DO IT YOURSELF’ electronic dog fences, but Snowman went through it like there was nothing there.

I called Gary and he put in a Pet Stop® dog fence system. Since that day, Snowman’s roaming days have been over and he has stayed in his own yard.

Gary is a Professional at what he does and he does an outstanding job. He has called to make sure everything is working alright and has also came by to make adjustments when needed. Gary really cares about the job he does and I would recommend Gary McCann to anyone who has a stubborn dog as I did.

Mitzi George – West Monroe LA

Dear Gary

Thank you so much for giving me peace of mind! I had tried another brand before I found you. I knew when you came to my house that you were the one that would get the job. I was so impressed with your caring and concern for my dogs. That was the beginning of the excellent customer service associated with your business. I know the any of the the fence companies out there can install a fence,but the concern shown by Gary McCann of Pet Stop Unseen Fence is excellent. I have called Gary numerous times since my fence was installed and he promptly returns all of my calls. I appreciate the fact that my dogs are safe and I can leave home knowing I will return to find them waiting for me! Look no further that Pet Stop Unseen Fence of Louisiana for a superb product and a dedicated professional to answer any questions or concerns you may have!

LuLu Ashcraft – Shreveport LA

On Christmas Eve two years ago,

A sweet little mutt came to my front door. I couldn’t resist those big brown eyes, so after a trip to the vet and a shiny new name tag with my phone number on it, “Toby” became a part of our family.

Well, Toby grew into a bigger mutt with a big problem. Toby liked to roam, sometimes miles from the house. After several frustrating weeks of many phone calls and getting in the car at all times of the day and night to retrieve Toby, I knew my new friend needed boundaries.

I called Pet Stop® which turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. With Gary’s help and expertise, my life became so much easier. Toby adapted well to his large limited space which included no access to flower beds. Now Toby is Safe and Happy in his new home. His Mommy is thrilled!

Pat Bloxum – Ruston LA


Our name is James and Ida May Walker. We have two Jack Russel Terriers named Jackson and Bear. We got our two high strung family members from our daughter Jan. She lives in North Carolina. She has an electronic dog fence at her house which contains all four of her dogs. After several discussion with our daughter and our disbelief that this type of fence would work we agreed to pursue the idea of an electronic dog fence.

We contacted Gary McCann owner of Pet Stop Unseen Fencing and he came over and explained how the system works and told use what to expect. We went over the layout of the fence which give Jackson and Bear plenty of room to run and play. Gary installed the fence which allowed Jackson and Bear to go all over the yard and also access to my shop. They watch me walk down the drive ever morning to get the newspaper and wait for me to get back with it so they can help me read it.

If it had not been for the electronic type dog fence it would not have been possible for us to have Jackson and Bear. Our yard is a maze of buildings sitting on roaming hills with a forest of trees. Gary installed the fence professionally and when he finished you could hardly tell that he had been there.

Another plus with Gary is customer service. When you need batteries or service with the equipment Gary either answer’s the phone or call’s you back back very shortly. He does what he says he will do.

We highly recommend Gary and his Pet Stop® Brand of Fence.

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